About RickWin

Richard H. Wingard, Sr.

I started my journey into photography as a young teenager with a brownie box camera. You can say I’ve been a serious amateur photographer for more than 50 years.
My professional photography career started shortly after attending Kellogg Community
College where I studied under many successful photographers.
I have provided Volunteer photography services to our local community High School
Marching Band and Band Boosters. Many of my photographs have been published in the year
book, football program, concert band program and many newsletters.

In 2001, I began casually photographing weddings for family and friends. With the success
of these weddings and the encouragement of all, I began excepting professional wedding
assignments by word-of-mouth referral and successfully built a wedding photography

Thanks to all for viewing my work and for your kind words, it’s an honor being part of this community. Some of the photos I see here are truly amazing! Sometimes they make me feel like an amateur again, if nothing else I realize how much more I can learn.